Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hickory Smoked Wild Turkey

I grew up in cattle country so poultry wasn't exactly all that popular, but I had a neighbor that always raised some turkeys.   When they were ready he butchered and smoked them.   They were unbelievable and to this day it's still my favorite way to eat turkey wild or domestic.  I never did get that guys recipe but here is one that works for me.

Dress and thoroughly clean 1 wild turkey inside and out making sure to rinse inside with cold water then pat dry with paper towels.  Then place turkey in larger disposable foil roasting pan.  Now here's where you have to make some decisions based on what you like.  I prefer to inject my turkeys with melted butter and then use a rub on the outside.  However some like to stuff the turkey with things like apples and oranges often using coca cola as a brine base in the bottom of the pan to prevent drying out.  It's totally up to you.   Once you have decided on your flavor of choice it's time to bring the smoker up to anything between 225 degrees and 250 degrees.   Once your there it's time to cover your turkey loosely with foil (don't wrap it tight you want the smoke to get in).   Place the turkey in the smoker and sit back.  When your bird reaches 180 degrees internal temp it's done.  On average a 10-12 pound turkey will take roughly 10 hours.   That gives you plenty of time for a beverage, a trip to the sporting goods store, a practice session with your bow or whatever extremely important task you have that's NOT on the honey do list.    Enjoy!


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