Saturday, March 16, 2013

Totally Wild Pheasant

Dakota Dan here.  Just had this again the other night and wanted to share it.  I have two young kids at home, and sometimes it's tough to get them to eat wild game, but they love this.

Strip all the meat off a couple of pheasants (any upland game) and cut it into strips of your size preference.  Bread the strips in a seasoning of your choice.  I prefer Totally Wild Seasoning which I discovered a couple years ago when I saw their booth at Game Fair, however whatever is your seasoning of choice will work.

Next get the oil going for frying.   I'm old school, so I prefer a deep cast iron skillet with peanut oil.   I'm also a little old fashioned on temp checking.  I watch the oil close and when it starts to quiver in the skillet it's usually ready.  Now your ready to drop in the first round of battered pheasant.  On average it takes about 3 min per side, but CHECK IT yourself  because you obviously don't want to eat any raw poultry.

While this is going, drop a half stick of butter in a bowl and melt it down in microwave.  Once it's melted, mix in a half cup of A1 steak sauce and another half cup of Heinz 57...........I never said this was healthy!  Now you've got some finished pheasant strips and and a great dipping sauce that even the pickiest of eaters will devour.  

Hope you enjoy your Totally Wild Pheasant!


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